Commercial Photo Gallery

Sump Pump Failures Are Very Common

This company had a sump pump failure causing damage throughout their building. Multiple crews were sent out to help extract, demo, clean, and set equipment to dry the affected areas. Demolition is required on affected materials that are non-salvageable, materials that won't be able to properly dry in place, and/or is a grossly contaminated water loss.

Equipped & Ready To Handle Any Size Loss

Large losses need to be responded to quickly in order to maintain the loss and try to prevent any further damage from happening. Be sure to call SERVPRO for a fast response!

Commercial Water Loss At Our Local Mall

SERVPRO takes pride in their response time to emergency losses. Responding to a water loss promptly is essential to lessen the damage to materials and contents. Mold can also be an issue if wet materials or contents sit.

Making Progress At A Big Commercial Loss

To ensure a safe and clean environment, the floor will be taken care of last during a big fire loss. It is important to start cleaning from top to bottom since hazardous particles left behind from the fire can fall while cleaning. This is why the technicians at this fire loss are starting out on lifts as they clean the ceiling before working on other affected areas such as the walls, floor, and content.

Sprinkler System Set Off

Our crews responded to this hall on a college campus at 3 o'clock in the morning to assess the water damage that had taken place due to a sprinkler system being set off. Quick response time is very crucial for a new water loss in order to prevent any further damage from occurring. Equipment is placed in multiple zones of the affected area for prompt and efficient drying.

Water Loss At An Elementary School

Our staff received a water loss at an elementary school due to a supply line break above the gym several days after it had happened. The loss had been sitting causing prolong damage to the affected hardwood flooring in which the water was absorbed and the flooring buckled. The sooner the water damage is assessed, the less lightly the materials will need replacing or mold to form.