Water Damage Photo Gallery

A house with a blue tarp covering some of the roof

Storms Can Cause Roof Leaks

If you experience a roof leak due to storm damage, SERVPRO is here to help. SERVPRO will be able to assess the interior damage caused by the roof leak. Our professionals will be able to assist with structural drying and inspecting wet contents.

Warehouse with water on ground

It Is Important To Respond To Water Losses Promptly

Starting mitigation sooner than later is necessary to prevent any further damage as well as mold growth. Water losses can happen at any time, make sure to call SERVPRO for all of your mitigation needs!

Frozen Pipes in Winter

Freezing temperatures can lead to frozen pipes causing damage to homes. In order to prevent frozen pipes, be sure to maintain the same thermostat temperature during day and night. Also, insulation will maintain higher temperatures in those areas.

Floor Mat Drying System

SERVPRO uses state of the art floor mats to dry hardwood floors. There are put in place to remove excess water from hardwood flooring. Dehumidifiers and air movers can also be placed to help complete the drying process in a timely manner.

Commercial Water Loss

SERVPRO handles commercial as well as residential water losses. We are equipped with advanced equipment to find and remove the water as quickly as possible. Our technicians will monitor the drying process along the way to ensure the property is back to normal.