Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Residential Storm Damage

Here is our production manager attentively responding to a loss after a tree fell onto the roof of a home. He is seen securing the affected area to eliminate the entry of water to prevent further damage. The damages were significant requiring immediate attention- which our professionals here at SERVPRO specialize in! SERVPRO is always here in the event of emergencies, we have you covered!

Tree Damage? No Problem!

If a tree damages your property, SERVPRO is here to help. We can assess the roof damage and assist with a temporary roof repair as well as assessing the interior damages and repairs.

Buckled Flooring Is A Sign of Water Damage

This basement experienced a flood causing the flooring to buckle. If you notice your flooring looks like this you may have a water damage on your hands and mitigation will be needed.

Window Sill Leak Due To Heavy Rains

Heavy rains from storms can often cause leaks to the interiors of homes and buildings. This window sill leaked and caused water to be trapped between the drywall and framing which was causing mold to be seen on the drywall.

Missing Siding On House From Storm Damage

If a storm hits your local area and siding is is ripped off of your home causing water damage to the inside of the home, call your professionals at SERVPRO

Roof Leak Due To Storm Damage

Winds created by storms can greatly impact roofing. Shingles from the roof of this building were ripped off causing water damage to the interior of the building. Demolition was needed and proper drying equipment to complete the drying process.

Storms Can Cause Roof Leaks

If you experience a roof leak due to storm damage, SERVPRO is here to help. SERVPRO will be able to assess the interior damage caused by the roof leak. Our professionals will be able to assist with structural drying and inspecting wet contents.