Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Roof Damage from Storm

This damage was caused by heavy wind and rain. The first and foremost is safety. Our technicians are trained in the safe and proper use of ladders and power too... READ MORE

Fallen Tree

This hole was caused by a tree falling on the customer's roof during a storm. When it comes to these calls, we typically must inquire if A- electricity is avail... READ MORE

Another Storm, Another Water Damage

Outside water entered this building during a storm and caused interior damage. A quick response time is important to prevent further damage. Once the damages ar... READ MORE

Storms Caused A Roof Leak For This Homeowner

Tree limbs had fallen during a storm causing a puncture in the roof which resulted in water coming into the home causing interior damage. SERVPRO was not contac... READ MORE

Racquetball Court Floods Due To Ground Water

This homeowner's indoor racquetball court flooded due to outside groundwater. There were several inches of standing water causing demolition to be needed to rem... READ MORE

Temporary Roof Repairs

Did you know? We do temporary roof repairs! Strong winds can cause damage to one's property. Whether a tree limb or the entire tree falls on the house, we are h... READ MORE